Animated Papercraft

This kind of thing amazes me every time. Intricate, miniature designs, carefully crafted by hand. This one is called PAPERCRAFT. You’d think they would produce this polygon look with the help of a 3D modelling software, but this is all made from handcut, shaped and moulded paper.

My own humble origami skills do not go beyond folding papers cranes and other animals, and though I know my way round sharp objects like scissors and japanese cutters, THIS is pure passionate art. I admit to getting goosebumps from watching this makin-of video every time.

You can see more of this and other award winning, awe-inspiring work like Montblanc’s Winter Tale on the artist’s homepage:

Book Cover Designer: Chip Kidd


I love a well designed book cover (sleeve, jacket). Sadly I often wander through bookstores, turned off by many horribly uniform and generic cover designs (if you read, you know which ones I mean) and leave without a new book to read. Am I superficial? I don’t think so. I often turn a promising book over and read the text on the back, maybe a few lines inside, and then put it back again. I am very picky about books, partly because I already have lots and do not part with old ones, partly because I see the covers when they lie around my house. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in these cases I feel it is true.



Chip Kidd is a New York based graphic designer I recently found out about through TED Talks, plus he is fun to watch/listen to. That he mainly designs book covers and talks about it is a great inspiration, as I found it quite hard tracking down graphic designers that specialize in book covers.




Little side note:

Here are two books from my shelves. The Lost World sleeve is an adaption of the original design with the german title added. The 1Q84 novel I still have to finish. The book is huge! But the unusual design was what made me pick it up in the first place.